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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dirty Mulebeard

Mulebeard you saint you I labored o'er a response of substantial form ere me blog engine deleted the whole damn tripe of it. Point was laddies, & here consolidated considerably, cast yer hope o'er the stern & ere long the basic fundamental form of well-being will catch the line. Bite off the cork laddies, but 'tween sips conjure yer battles & spoils & settle yer scores, for the battle wages on in spite of yer piteous leanings. Aye, uncork a fine African rum & nestle in the crowsnest & let ole rosy-fingered dawn tickle yer manbeard me laddies, & tell me life is bad. The life of the pirate is tough, true 'tis, to the bone, but as ole whiskey said 'twixt tirades on sexual duplicity & dips in the whale spout, tough tittie toenails. Indeed, so it is me laddies. The music plays on, & on we go to the seabed for a bevvy of mermaids with which to besmirch our sorrows! To the other side of the tack me laddies, to the crowsnest for a sip of golden ambrosia, aye! Afore this letter makes a preacher of me, afore the spirit touches me, aye, away & avast laddies!


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