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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Pirate's Origins

Oft, in the realm of personal conversation, or from afar as well, I hear tell of persons inquiring after my past. How, they wonder, can a man of any ethical stature lend himself entire to a life of perceived privation, desperate violence, dubious motivations & physical hardship? I wonder at such queries, during long periods of quietude, borne aloft o'er the waves. I tell ye in earnest I know no other life. My dear pappy & mum, noble souls them both, I presume, left me blanketed & sleeping soundly in a half-watermelon rind on the stern of a man-of-war at bay, ne'er to see my cherubic face, ne'er to look into my one good eye again. My life was wrapped up in tide & turning wave from day one, I'm afraid, & afore long I came to know it & nothing else. I have seen, in my travels, my share of empires, of great cities surging toward the clouds, & aye, I've seen the touches of modernity sweep o'er the seven continents like a scourge of righteous vanity, but shiver me mast, I'd rather the life o' the sea, an honest life, a pirate's life. I'd rather live by the sword & cannon than by the stock market. I'd rather be afloat where a man is a man & he takes what he sees. Why are ye a pirate, Captain Dagger, they ask? The answer will please no man. I am a pirate because I was born a pirate, laddies. Come what may-- shaking tempests, wandering barks, drought & famine, mutiny or defeat-- I'll a pirate be till my bloody heart whispers its last & the gray clouds close o'er me. Damn the privation & damn the hardship, we endure, & in endurance lies vitality. So piss on ye who scorn me life & piss on ye who think the ship a relic of the past. My parrot, patched & green, will sing it with me: "we drink for the day when a pirate had his way, before the longshoremen before the coastguard, when a man was a man & he took what he saw."


Anonymous Hjört Ingulbjørn, viking said...

Mighty Thor will one day strike you with his mighty hammer for your ways, Dagger. Like the great trickster god Loki, your galavanting on the high seas has confounded my simple and rugged people. But by the beard of Odin I will have my revenge. Your name will be but the punchline of a knock-knock joke in the grand feasting chambers of Valhalla.

7:55 AM  

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