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Friday, April 29, 2005

Alas, the Calm Post-Clamor

Well, laddies, we seem to've shut our viking opposition down into the pitiful & morbid silence that attends such crestfallen curs, & good riddance I say to them. Aye, 'twas beginnning to be a bit of a distraction, the constant yawping & barking of the little terriers becoming the nuisance in me ear that a mosquito might be ashore, aye, & as easily crushed, as easily forgotton. To hell with 'em, laddies, & the dragon-skiffs they rode in on! Now me compass points north, aye, true north at that, & me good eye fixes 'pon a small fleet from the coast of Morocco which, a little parrot whispers in me ear, carries 'board its vessels fine silvers & a rare collection of respirators, aye, whatsoever they be worth, but fear not, nay, for yer cap'n'll fetch a steady dollar for 'em I wager. Aye, I've a taste for warring now, as the northerners prompted in me a visceral reaction akin to the zincy salivatin' one undergoes prior to expelling one's repast in great heaves & hos. There be a precursor to all things, aye, be it prompt or trigger, insinuation or instinct, lads, & a cap'n 'as is duty to divine from such auguries the fate of 'is dear ship. Methinks I shall divine the finest rum this morn, & the trumpeteer to the deck, aye, for a ditty & a drink! We sail towards golden victory, laddies, but ere we get there, let us engage in Bacchic revelry such as ne'er the high seas've seen. Sound the trumpet! A jig, a jig, & a sip or a gulp, for the morn is long & it be early yet!


Anonymous fjord njordssenn said...

you will perish soon.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Nasgreth Ødengärd (aka Whale Pizzle) said...

Forgive me for taking so long in replying, I was off for a three-day spree of various sea and land raids. Can you believe there were no internet cafes in Sveglindt? It was bad enough when my fellow oarsman Balder accidently through my ibook into the sea, but the backwards ways of Sveglindt just make me sick. Anyhow, I just wanted to reiterate that we Vikings could, would, and by Odin's beard WILL slice you in two from groin to forehead, violate your corpse with your bloody hook, and thoroughly dismember your crew for sport.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Hjört Ingulbjørn, viking said...

Dagger! By the ankles of Loki, by the thunder of Thor, by the ears of the Egrellins, by the vas deferens of the Valkyries, the sea shall be red with the blood of you and your crew.

2:38 PM  

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