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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tide Idle Cabin

Aye I've a compulsion here laddies, it is so, to spew forth from this pulpit 'pon the waves, for 'ere there are none what can naysay less they'd take the long walk down the plank, aye. It ne'er was in me character to wax on as me seems to of late, but an idle tide & no sighted boats will stir in a man such impulses as otherwise would appear quite rare indeed I venture, aye I do. I've little to say other than that I want to say so much, but 'tis a captain's duty to bear with 'is crew & guide their own particular possession by idle ghosts. We will to the fo'ecastle for a sharp round of shuffleboard, aye, & a sip of African rum if it be our druthers, which, verily, it be. & for further entertainment we'll dangle a captive o'er starboard & let the dolphins piss upon 'im as they are want to do. We'll render the seaday ripe with laughter, aye, & song too that will bid the whales near & call our enemies to our revelry, for our eyes be looking to war, what good eyes we have among us. Me parrot patched & green aye she sings of better days, but in the lull & craze of idleness there is great possibility. To starboard turn, for the dolphins come!


Anonymous Beardbeard said...

An idle pirate is a parr't's curse, tis has been said. It was in th' quiet moments ye speak of I would open me trunk of miniature apparel, underclothes hewn fer the parrot's diminutive form, and dress 'im in the finest of toggery. Like a wee gaudy harlotte, the sort of which one encount'rs in eastern seaports. Aye, I would apply ladies' lip stick as lib'rally as I now ut'lize apostrophes. That whoring parrot!

9:20 AM  
Anonymous beardbeard said...

That dirty, whoring parrot!

9:42 AM  

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