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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ire & Venom

To those who would in me way stand this morn I hereby give ye fair warning, aye, a thing not oft conferred by a pirate, for where me blood once flowed cool & calm now venom coarses through me veins lads. Aye, a frightful morn I've had, & already me scabbard be empty & me deck be stained with pearls of crimson blood, me scowl be an iconic glare & me countenence in general, I'm sure, does little to belie the hatred me wakened with, me new bedfellow, me bride. & aye, like a bride, she shall prove intransigent, an edifice built in the center of me new life, a badge me wears 'pon me shoulder, though she be coupled with me very spirit, me comportment to me core. Aye, I give ye warning, lads, not for me own sake, for I'd nothing better enjoy than ripping ye bodily asunder & throwing ye to the sharks whilst me crew devours yer treasures, aye, but for yer own sake, for such cruelty I fancy this morn that my name ye'd sound o'er the waves in a vast & echoing report for mercy, aye, & nary a voice'd return unto ye but me own. Vikings, beware. Buccanears & Privateers, beware. All who cross me path, from dolphin to titan, I care not, shall fall in me wake, their corpses but stones in a bloody river of vengeance. That said, methinks I'll to me rum bottle. Good day.


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