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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Solitary Pirate

Lads, me mind goes to wondering oft when the dull dusk sets 'pon us, aye, & me sight be bleary & blurred from rum & battle. Methinks it a simple enough fact that a pirate, aye, more so than many, leads a solitary life. Aye, I've a crew, but in the blink of yer good eye ye may find one of 'em in the steely jaws of the white shark, lads, for naught but a whisper of mutiny. Aye, yer cap'n has seen 'is own men tied bodily to the mast for flogging for less than coveting a fine mutton. Methinks me unfettered life a boon, maties, & me finds in the unmanacled wrist the very spirit of possibility, aye. Though me concerns go with me Elanore ashore, bless her indeed, me feels often the cold pallor of lneliness atop me crow's nest, lads, when me good eye spies the broad expanse of blue beyond. What else be there for a pirate but sea & war? What else but rum & port, pirate & patch? 'Tis a simple life carved of simple means, to be sure laddies, fought for tooth & nail. Me feels a certain exhilaration when me scabbard empties & me blade plunges through the torso of a rival, aye, & me blood boils when me hook renders another incapacitated, but they be transient thrills, lads. Is there, me wonders, hope for a pirate, that a fine cap'n might couple with permanence in some way? Maties, a pirate's life be not for all, nay, & nary a good man will ye see 'top the cresting waves, for here they be naught of nobility nor integrity nor honor nor pride. It be a savage trade, lads, & the blood flows liberally 'twixt me toes in every instant of combat, the decks besmirched, soiled & slick with it. There be little honor in me profession, laddies, 'tis true, but there be a shining & brilliant security in it, aye, that a cap'n may preserve 'is legacy long beyond 'is years. Toil, toil, & in the end ye find yer name become an edifice where yer deeds've sunk in yer wake, unrecallable, inviolate, forgotten or coopted. Lads, we own not our lives, me tells ye, but we own our names, aye, & the rest, well, it gives a cap'n cause to think.


Anonymous Admiral Akbarbeard said...

Dagger, I note at times a strange organisation to yer words, with direct objects finding themselves before their respective verbs, and other such meandering structures. I wonder, is this in celebration of the new Star Wars movie? Is this a sort of maritime shout-out to Yoda and his idiosynchratic syntax? Or is Dagger more of a Trekkie? Do you have satellite TV on your ship?

10:46 AM  
Blogger henry dagger said...

Akbarbeard, ye dolt, me parlance be me own, derived from the fine tradition of the pirate, which, as ye know, incorporates all that it plunders. Thus, the inverse relationships between nouns & their descriptors that a laddie may find in Latin or its derivative tongues sits nicely 'longside the dubious slang of the Americas, aye, just as, hovering o'erhead, there sits the ghost of the glottal, adjective-obsessed German tongue. A pirate's parlance be a veritable mishmash of each tongue that's passed 'is way, aye, & it bares no stamp of cinema, ye daft wee admiral, but that of sea & tide & time.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Admiral Akbarbeard said...

Ah, I see, and apologize for the misunderstanding, but two of my queries remain unaddressed. Often you point out that although you be a pirate, married to the sea/tide/time, the former of the three sometimes makes its mark on the "traditional" life of your ilk, with some of your plunderings being modern knick-knacks and such -- techno-booty, if you will. Do you have Satellite TV?

Also, are you a Trekkie?

I love you.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Akbarbeard said...

Drat! I meant "the latter" above, not "the former." I am still adjusting to English, being as I am from outer space.

11:44 AM  
Blogger henry dagger said...

Akarbeard, I've no such thing, neither satellite nor tv, though aport me ears've heard tell of it. Aye, 'tis a liminal life, that of a pirate, lodged ever 'tween the golden era & the ruination of the present age. I be not a trekkie, nay, for that matter, & know little of the place of yer origins save for what me good eye spies when darkness suffuses the blank seas.

12:51 PM  

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