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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Solitude, the Bloody Kind

Aye, it dawned on me last night, laddies, as me rum wet me whistle for the better part of the eventide, that me solitude may 'rise of me habit of slaying & plundering. Methinks it an obvious correlation, but in the abstract, lads, ye know me to be a sensitive pirate, aye, whose very pen & parrot have helped to write a ballad or two for me Elanore. Me woes be deep & grave, aye, & though me life be one demandin' of a certain detachment, methinks it fair to wonder after the place of me sensitivity. Methinks perhaps a performance of me diddies may be in order soon, for which I must to port. That, lads, or methinks me hook must separate an eye from a socket soon.


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