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Monday, June 06, 2005

Thy Scabrous Cries

Again, laddies, me apologies precede me diatribe, aye, for where Hjort posts 'is flaming retardations, there I must address myself post haste, as it be unbefitting for a pirate to take the befuddlingly tangential insults of a viking lad. Indeed, if there be a code unwrit, lads, for a pirate of the high seas, it be stressed foremost that no such advance shall go unavenged, & here let it be said, lads, that me sword be drawn, me scabbard empty, me parrot hopped up on rum & methamphetamines, aye, & we be prepared for reckoning indeed. Aye, such shall be our fury that the Northern seas shall be awash in orange flame, aye, for so dense shall the water's surface be with the bodies of slain vikings that a fire will surely catch with a like ease to the cuyahoga, aye, in the eighties of yore. A wee starfish jumped aboard to tell me the tale, lads, & me skin seemed ashiver. & no, in that architecture of odium resides that imperiled king of sophistry, Hjord, who shall meet me blade forthwith, whose house I shall deconstruct swiftly & dispatch of with flame, with hook, with rancor unparalleled. Aye, methinks it time for this conversation to find its abrupt end, lads, & for yer cap'n to tend to other matters in his diary of the seas, as it were. Aye, the life of a pirate be riddled with like savagery, but myriad be its outgrowths, lads, & to keep a tight focus on one petty viking for so considerable a time be unbecoming for a cap'n, aye, such as Ahab to 'is leviathan. That said, me sword be drawn...


Anonymous Whale Pizzle said...

Oooh meth! I've got the cleanest ship in town . . .
Swabbin' the deck all day . . .
Oooh meth!

1:04 PM  
Anonymous guile said...

nice, comfy place you got here :)..

2:26 AM  

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