h. dagger's adventures at sea

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Hoist the sails, raise yer bloody goblets, ahoy & onward me laddies!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just As I Thought

Aye, 'tis just as I thought lads, there be none of ye half-witted enough to challenge yer cap'n to a dual of ditties, nay. Even Fjord put 'is bellowing conche belowdecks as rightly he should. 'Tis heartening, lads, & be assured ye of this: yer cap'n be laboring in his own cabin, aye, setting to tune & mellifluous ditty the triumphs & travails of me life, aye. It be a sad & longing tale, lads, & sadder still that me crew is turned 'round & the likes of Whiskey, Crow's Pussy, Long Since & Chris are no more aboard me brigate, aye, but tide turns to time lads & leaves us with naught but a shanty in our mouths & an empty bottle in our hands. Though it be true, yer cap'n has recorded 'is tunes in the past & has plans ahead for 'is libretto, lads, aye, a cultured & piebald thing, it. The tru tune of a pirate, aye, to piss o'er the imposters brackish bones, lads. Aye, me teeth be wobbly, maties, but me words spill out no less, for I've seen naught of blood nor dyin' nor warfare for nigh on two weeks & me spirit be dull of the repose. Aye, lads, Christ, piss in the ocean I will.