h. dagger's adventures at sea

Location: the waves, the ocean

Hoist the sails, raise yer bloody goblets, ahoy & onward me laddies!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Hjort vs. Mulebeard

Hjort vs. Mulebeard, aye, me laddies, a perennial debate 'tween the savagery of the pirate & the tame growl of the viking from behind a leg of fine mutton, aye. Ponder if ye will, nay, if ye must, but if ye must, ye must a dullard be.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Dragged 'pon the Sea-Bottom

Lads! Me gaping mouth breathes full again the briny air, aye, in all its autumnal glory! My eye hath seen the glory of the lurks-beneath, lads, aye, the purple castles of mermaid & merman, the sounding communion of whale & sand, the dregs, aye, the very depths! The lost brigates of centuries bygone, in hallowed antiquity & with careful art kept on the sea's shifting bed. Aye, lads, me hook did pierce the whale that would take yer cap'n away, & aye, try 'e did at that, but ere long, yer cap'n prevailed. Christ on a crutch, lads! A draught of rum ere a tale I spin!