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Monday, October 10, 2005

A Brief Note Concerning Mermaid & Dolphin

Laddies, I bid ye top o' the morn, aye, & a blustery thing it be, aye, as me good eye's seen naught of Eos on 'er bloody chariot, nay, but rather the swirling chill of snow & rain 'pon me decks, aye & the harsh blow of the wind o'er me sails, bringing not a little frost to the tips of me beardhairs, lads, on such a morn as this. Glad I be though that such weren't the climes as me disappearance unfurled in its strange mystery, lads, for the Pacific be chilly enough of temper & temperment that no man should endure its depths whilst above tide & sky collide in such thunderous inclemence. Aye, for me time belowseas was endurable lads, me thanks in large part to a nest of mermaids that 'pon the bottom lived, beds of fine sand & feasts of such multifarious splendor that, if they involved cooked bits here & there, would have been of unheard of magnitude. Aye, & down 'twixt fin & soft mermaid skin there swam a school of dolphins such as a man rarely spies from 'board ship, velvety grey skin & black eyes as deep as their abode, lads. Some good comfort I took there, 'pon the silty shifty divides, that methought meself transplanted to some carnal heaven, aye, to top the Valhalla Hjort champions in 'is own feeble way (allowing that, aye, such a thing may be perty, but 'ere 'pon the seas we've many splendors to surpass that ultimate goal of the yellow-blooded viking). Aye, a toast for mermaid & dolphin, lads, for yer cap'n owes 'is very survival & one or two curious rashes to the intimacy they provided. Ah, lads, such wonder in the world, there is, such wonder.


Anonymous the bo'son said...

Aye, I had me a curious rash meself, once. Curious 'bout me nether regions, 'twas, and not til it got a good gander above and below me hide was its curiosity properly slaked. 'Tis with shivers I remember't . . .

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:28 PM  

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