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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Timbrel & Trumpet

Aye, laddies, ye scabrous dogs tho' ye be, sound the trumpet & make merry with a tune & a wee lass of a parrot, for Dirty Mulebeard's walked another of time's planks, aye, & here he be, aswim in infested waters, a tad greyer in crown & collick, lads. Raise yer goblets, aye, & a merry tune, for dirty Mulebeard, who, tho' he be indisposed of the present tending to matters of the heart with his bird, aye, well, a celebration no less, ye indolent louts! Aye, for yer cap'n is returned & return granted aye indeed by Poseidon or some such wielder of sceptre or staff, for such were the depths of the sea to which yer dear cap'n plummeted, lads, that ere me time was up methought meself a ghost rightwards, plumb deep, the pith of meself, me didgits indivisible sightwise form the anenome crawling about the water like the hair of a dead man. Aye, lads, yer cap'n went under in a moment of sheerest leviathan intimacy, aye, with 'is arms about the great whale like a bear's about a tree, & down, down, down we went until yer cap'n was unplugged so to speak me laddies, & set gently 'pon that silty bed. Aye, subsisting on crabs & octopus, me took me time drawing a plot of return, the while breathing into me flask for short supply of breath laddies, until the flask were emptied of air, & me lips purloined the good stuff from a seahorse's corporeal form, aye, as easy as that. Ye live & ye breath lads, & no depth of tumult or blue, no swirling eddy, no confounding water pressure about one's temples ought to leave ye reft of that. I'll more foray in times to come, but at present lads, a song, a song for Dirty Mulebeard!


Anonymous the bo'son said...

Aye, to Dirty Mulebeard, the scurvy wretch, me whistle blows shryll 'pon the blood-soaked sea.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous dirty mulebeard said...

i'm charmed.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous dirty mulebeard said...

but i love no parrot. nay, ye thinks of Beardbeard, who last I heard was going a bit off his own plank of sanity: Aye, view the truth here.

3:27 PM  

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